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Welcome to our Guestbook. If you wish please leave messages here for us. We love to hear about the Malibu's and their descendants from all over the world - not just 'show' dogs but 'pet' ones too!

New Year

Another year is now almost over again... A good start into a healthy and happy New Year wish – Sylvia and SYLNESS-poodles PS. Brilliant - your website!

We love "The Heavenly Twins"

We love "The Heavenly Twins" from November in the Poodle Council calendar.

your beautiful dogs and puppies

I have wanted a standard poodle for a long time now. I am now in a position to look after one 24/7 and was so impressed with your website and your dogs that I would love to have one of your puppies. I wonder if you would consider putting me on your waiting list please? With very best wishes Heather

Thank you

Hi Bette, Thank you so much for spending time chatting with me with regards to purchasing my first Standard Poodle. Your help and insight has been invaluble. I shall keep you updated with my progress. Kind Regards, Rachel.


enjoyed looking at your site , you have some fabulous looking poodles.

beautiful dogs

I just came across your site through looking at UK Poodles.Your dogs are stunning especially your browns. They are my own personal favourite, although mine are toys.What an informative site you have. I look forward to seeing your puppies progress. Best wishes,Pat

Simon, your site, etc

Hi Bette and Kim....thanks again for letting me see Simon today. Have enjoyed visiting your site...lots of great pics and ''history''! Congrats, take care, Jason

Well I thought it was to be

Well I thought it was to be another boring Saturday evening until I got totally engrossed looking at the wonderful pictures of past and present Malibu Standard and Toy Poodles and the narrative was so very interesting and informative. Congratulations Bette and Kim on such a well presented web site..looking forward to more pictures etc!!!! Gill Newton

I came across your page

I came across your page while randomly searching poodles in google. I have two black minitures myself and I share your passion so much for their natures! You cannot get any other dogs with such personalities as poodles. I would love to extend the family to have a brown standard but they are already a law unto theirselves! How do minitures and standards act to each other, do you know of any problems? They are amazing animals to have as companions and i think that your enthusiasm is fantastic! Thanks for having such a wonderful page :) Katy x

Beautiful dogs

I ended up on your site to look for Ankaru's Crack the Code "Diesel", and I'm so glad I did. I've had the pleasure of watching your photos, and am delighted to see many beautiful dogs. I have to say I love the expression of the white little male:) He has the same look my female has just before she does something wrong, but fun. I will definately look in again soon. Good luck with the shows and litters to come.

Welcome NEW babies

hi just want to give our best congrats to the phantastic litter. We wish you and the puppies a wonderful time and only the best places later. take care Anita

Congratulations to UK.s

Congratulations to UK.s first Diesel puppies. Looks lovely! Kindest regards from Nina & the Diesel son "Tobbe"

Greetings from Italy

Very nice website with lovely poodles. Best wishes for the showring.

Simply The Best !!!

Hi Dear, Just been trugh your fab.web. site and love to say that your dogs are stunning , The Best i v ever seen,breath taking ,, I m pretty new to my hobby of owning a toy poodle and am in search for show quality puppy girl, brown , or white, I can only hope that i can be one of the lucky one to have one of your line, I will be extremely grateful if you could let me know about the procedures of purchasing a puppy from you !! Best Wishes Katy

Here comes regards from

Here comes regards from Sweden to you and your wonderful dogs. My first poodle has Malibu Onedin Line in his pedigree. Wish all good luck for this new year. Kindest regards Ninihihll´s Poodles


Many Congratulations on getting Simon 'made up' yesterday at Richmond another Malibu CH. Also well done on another 1st in Limit for Jazz.

love the website -

Hi, I love the website and loved seeing all the dogs, grew up with poodles and showing, particularly with Suzanne Spear's Burntoak poodles, I have a picture in my album of Kim showing one of Suzanne's Min Poodles. Suzanne would have loved the website. also thinking of getting a Papillon best wishes Tony Parker


Congratulations on wonderful website, but is it really all those years ago that Kim was running round the ring with 'Jodie' and Bette with 'Skipper'. Where HAVE the years gone? Your hard work and dedication to this wonderful breed has been well rewarded, keep up the good work, and your winning ways. Muriel & Ted Prince

Our Poodle

Hello. I have only just found your home page but we bought one of your beautiful standard poodles a few years ago. She is a wonderful pet and we have just found she is quite amazing and really enjoys agility! She has brought such happiness and love into our lifes and we don't know what we would do without her.

Very nice poodles

Hello Bette. It is a very nice homepage you have,. I have watch a lot of lovely poodles and loves the way they are keept. And I do understand the passion for the brown`s... I love to be with and watch my poodles every day...playing , running or just watch them sleep. Greetings Gudrun S Wulff

Re website

Great website love the photos especially the old ones and the fashions hair ,flairs don,t relise how fast the years have flown by.Alot of work and time has gone into all the history ect to put together this website will keep login on to see whats new news. Sheila Hadley-McBlain (Kossab)

Hi from Australia

Wanted to say this site makes a great contribution to the history of poodles - particularly brown standards. It was just wonderful to read about and see photos of the dogs that are back in my boys pedigree. My brown dog in a black coat. Unfortunately there are not many brown standards in Australia. Best wishes! Tracy

Poodles are SUPER!

Your Poodles are SUPER! Especially I like your black and browns!!!!!!!!! They have so many great successes!

Enjoyed the web site

Hi Kim & Colin, great to meet you last night at Anitas - we have enjoyed your web site and reading about all your beautiful poodles, especially Bree, Moulton and Simon. Just loved all the photos, looking forward to seeing you both again - good luck showing for 2008.

Standard Poodles

Just passing by and wanted to say I enjoyed your visit. We are about to get a seabisket puppy in March. Greetings from Australia. Have a lovely Christmas Jacqui - Kirada

Gorgeous poodles!

Hello, I am Hannah in Japan. I have a 2 year old brown Standard Poodle girl who I imported from Norway. I really enjoyed looking at your gorgeous poodles and reading the history of your kennel as you have been one of the greatest influences on my beloved brown poodles.

Lovely site, Kim. It brings

Lovely site, Kim. It brings back fond memories! I still love the Poodles but am not tempted to have another. I have made a note of your web address and will add it to my site next time I update. Pat Beadle. Bedellus Papillons


my lovely coco is 3 years 2 months now she is daughter of quillet no more heroes and malibu surprise indy package, i have had dogs all my life but she is special, thank you for such a nice dog

Malibu The Love Bug

Hi... My name is Beth and I live in the California. I breed and show toy poodles on a small hobby basis, and while researching the pedigrees on my lines, I ran across Malibu The Love Bug, then found your website. It's incredible how much "Love Bug" looks like his brown grandson 6 generations down! My Brody just finished his American championship here at the age of 16 months old. His mother is my CH. Trajets Tobee Or Not To Be out of AM. CH. Aedan's Double Dealer, and his father is CH. Sassis Winning Ticket. Brody has a daughter that will be ready for the show ring in January 2008. I repeated Brody's breeding and if he will quit growing, Brody's baby brother Brady will go into the ring in January 2008 as well. The dogs on your website are lovely! I really enjoyed seeing them!


Just been looking at the site for the first time on Lynnes computer; co-owner of the fabulous Ch. Truffles. Love all the pictures especially the one (of course) of Truffles!!!! Superb history of Malibu's really enjoyed reading through it all. Sally Crowder

love the new site

Hi Kim and Co, just love the new site, it is beautiful, about time too!! lovely to see all the Malibu's together and of course all that lovely leopard print!! love and best wishes Lynne (Land)

i love your poodles

Im in love with toy poodles the first dy i seen one of yours at crufts( about 1985) and i decided to have brown toys. Congratulations from Miguel Ramon

White Toys

Your website will take some beating when completed.Thank you for propelling our precious white Tamoretta toys into the limelight.


ref;piccie of Kim and I as toddlers with puppies I'm certain I'm about to freak out if that poodle sniffs me again! whilst I look like a right little madam its a nice photo of Kim! Do you still have a photo of Skipper in full show trim? It would be nice to see a bigger piccie of him,as the original first ever star of Malibu!(KB - will see what I can find) Also Emma,have you any shots of her?she was a lovely girl!(That's The Captains Lady) Some dogs I remember not mentioned here (maybe mentioned by show name tho) Raisin,Alaska,Caroline,Flame,James,TT,Woody,Charm. Think you should have a mass photo shoot of all the present Malibus in Abbey Fields one day,with, of course, the Viszlas! , just to make the poodles look even more beautiful! and what about the other breeds? Remember Basenji Chippie?Afgan Zoe? American Cocker Angie! and didnt we have a Pom? and a rabbit? Really great piccie of Mum with her big hair and soo slim!(no wonder she kept that one!) Sure there's one somewhere of Mum and Vicky Marshall in hotpants somewhere! Rushing off now to see if I can find some more shots from the past! Nice web site very friendly and light,well done and continued success to "THE MALIBU POODLES" X. Donna and Alfie and Imogen

...the start of a website...eventually we got round to it!

Eventually, we got round to starting a website! This will be updated as quickly as we can look out the old photo's ...Happy memories of some wonderful dogs...and more memories to be made!!