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Latest Stars

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 Summer 2010

The Twins otherwise known as Malibu It Had to Be You (Daquiri) and Malibu Got a Crush on You (Crush) are now young Juniors and continue to develop exactly as they should! With their natural sense of fun and their 'natural' everything else (tails included)! they show all the promise in the world and are winning well.

 Daquiri at 14 months looking stunning! Crush winning Junior Bitch at WELKS 2010 following her BEST IN SHOW win at the Trent to Tweed Poodle Club


 ...the irrepressible 'Simon' (Ch. Thunderbird)


 This is 'Simon' alias Tamoretta Thunderbird By Malibu, he was Joint Top Puppy 2006 (he only made his debut at 10 months). Simon has been doing really well in the Junior classes and won BOB at MCPC Ch. Show. Sparingly shown he has just turned 18 months and made his debut  in Limit at Three Counties Championship show which he won!

STOP PRESS - Simon has won 6 (actually its 7 now - after British Toy)! Limit Classes in a row and the RCC at WKC, CC & BOB at Richmond and the Res CC at Darlington. Simon really is having a lovely year.

Simon is a DNA Optigen A Normal for PRA. He was bred by Anna and John Marshall.

 'Thunderbirds are Go!'....Simon relaxing in the garden...what an expression! Don't be fooled by that 'butter wouldn't melt' look....he bosses the Malibu Standards around ALL the time!!


 This is Jazzy alias Malibu Takes The Biscuit. She is the latest Malibu Standard Poodle star (sired by Am. Ch. Pinafore Seabiskit ex Sp.Ch. Malibu Candle Indy Wind who was also Ch. Malibu Celebrity's mother)

Jazzy has been winning really well. She was Best Puppy and Best Puppy in Show at BUBA (British Utility Breeds Assoc.) in December 06. She entered the Junior classes in 2007 and has won every Junior class she has been in - except one when she was 2nd. From Junior she has won her first CC and a Res CC. Jazzy is now ready to 'move' into the big girl classes! She is an exceptional mover with heaps of style and a head and eye to drool over! Apart from all that she is a truly extrovert and arrogant show off!

 Jazz is the first show dog owned by Mrs. Christine Brookes who has had an exciting introduction to the world of dog shows! Chris says Jazzy is such a 'big head' and that she rules the roost at the Brookes household! 

Below are the 'brown kids'

  This is 'Baby Bree' - alias Malibu Centrefold

This is Bree's brother 'Molton' - alias Malibu Molton Brown (owned in partnership with Carol Charles.  'Molton' and 'Bree' are the children of Ch. Malibu Celebrity

The following little cutie is Tamoretta Gypsy Rosa By Malibu (alias 'Libby')

 'Libby is Simons' half sister (same sire / mothers are sisters) and is owned by Bette with Julie and Nigel Cook (with whom she lives). She has done really well winning many championship show classes and Best Bitch Puppy awards. A real extrovert charmer she loves the limelight..... Actually, we think she has got Nigel and Julie exactly where she wants them!!! Stop Press! Libby won Limit Bitch and the Reserve CC at Richmond Ch.Show. A great win for the little princess.

Pictured below is Libby looking absolutely scrummy!

Below...a very 'hot' picture! (Windsor 06 - temperature in the 90's)!

 This was taken at Windsor Ch. Show July 06 where Pfeiffer (Malibu For the Good Times) won the Progeny Class- it was a very hot day...the 'signature' leopard print was cool though!!!

From Left to right Julie with 'Crosby' (Malibu S'woonderful with Julandia...Best Puppy Dog that day ) Nigel with Ch. Malibu Tiger Woods (Res. in the Champion Stakes that day) Kim with 'Pfeiffer' wearing her 'Swarowski ' crystal heart and looking very proud of her 'kids'. Finally Mum with her 'Kiri' (Malibu Swoonlight Serenade who was Best Puppy in Breed that day). Kiri was Joint Top Puppy in 2006. She has since done a demolition job on her coat and is enjoying life at home. Lots of hopes are with Kiri for the next generation.Kiri is DNA Optigen tested A Normal.