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Show News and Blog

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We have a new arrival to stay at Malibu (from Tanis Gardner of the Classique Poodles in Canada) .....the fabulous white bitch  Canadian Ch Classique Belle De Provence - alias Genet.

She hopes to make 2012 exciting along with Ch. Malibu Got a Crush on You, as well as Swedish baby Alice and the new Baby Boy - a first show dog for Abi Maguire - the black Ch. Maibu Celebrity son - Malibu How High The Moon

We will update their antics on Facebookand update on here when time permits!

As the year continues - we may well decide to have a litter with Ch Crush - but her future husband lives in Northern Sweden - so some planning has to be done.!!


Well - as Facebook seems to have overtaken 'news updates' - 2011 seemed to have been missed from here!

We proudly announce that the 'Heavenly Twins' fulfilled their early promise and both became CHAMPIONS!

Daquiri's first puppies were born and one has come back to the UK from Sweden - daughter of Sofia Nandrup's Ch Dandy Lions Dining in Paris. The new arrival is called 'Alice' - otherwise known as Dandy Lions A Midsummer Nights Dream at Malibu - to be owned in partnership by Bette and Kirsty Young of the Anorien Poodles.



Where has 2010 gone?

I will endeavour to update here with details of a really exciting 2010 - with Crush and Daquiri being the most sucessful Standard Poodle littermates of the year! Daquiri won his 1st CC and BOB and also 8 res CC's and Crush also won her 1st CC and several Res CC's. Also several Breed Club Best in Show wins between and both have won their Junior Warrants!! They are now in the Limit classes which they won both Limit Dog and Limit Bitch at PC of Wales and the South Western Poodle Club Ch. Shows in October/November. As Bette is judging Miniature Poodles at BUBA and Kim judging at LKA - the twins have proudly hung up their show leads now for the remainder of 2010. The other news was that they introduced their new baby sister 'Cobie' alia Malibu Cause Celebre at the end of the year and she qualified for Crufts at her very first show! Cobie is a very special girl and cant wait to grow up for 2011!

Ch. Malibu Celebrity is very proud of her children. In fact at SWPC - her brown son Malibu Molton Brown was shortlisted in the challenge with Daquiri. Great job Carol and Molton!

More to follow - and photos from 2010




Meanwhile a lovely letter from 'Bree' with her new family and a gorgeous newsy 'catch up' letter! Bree's photo is in the Photo Album section!


A flurry of shows (and a holiday)! over the last couple of weeks.

11.04.10 Trent to Tweed Poodle Club. Daquiri wins 2 x firsts the Crush does the same - then Best Bitch, Best of Breed and topped a lovely day with Best in Show in very good competition.

At the International Poodle Club Ch. Show Daquiri was Best Puppy Dog and Crush got a 2nd. The following week - we went to British Utility Breeds Show - Crush won 1st in Junior and Daquiri was 1st and Best of Breed and in the last 6 all breeds for Best in Show. They were 12 months and 2 days!


 Crush - Best Puppy Bitch Crufts 2010

Daquiri waiting to go in the ring....looking gorgeous !

Every year we love to moan about Crufts - but it does still hold a special kind of magic - even from the horrible walk from the West Car Park to the excuse to buy a new outfit.!! The dogs all looked great and showed their little socks off! Simon didn't have too good a result (he showed brilliantly well - but that's the way it goes) but an honourable Reserve. Daquiri looked sensational in his super stylish Scandinavian trim to win 2nd in Puppy Dog. Crush had also been styled by her Norwegian 'Nanna' and won 1st in a huge Puppy BItch Class and Best Puppy BItch. Jazzy went into Open and won Very Highly Commended (Jazz showed beautifully and Chris was delighted) Breeder Bette was positively bursting with pride over all the lovely comments she had over the 'Heavenly Twins'!

All in all a very enjoyable day, scallops and steak at our local gastropub (with lots of dog talk - poor Colin)! and collapsed to bed - (In Kenilworth 'Crush' was allowed to sleep on the bed and 'Simon' too) We were all too tired to move!!

Next year's Crufts -  Kim is judging Toy Poodles - it will come round very quickly - but we've an exciting 2010 to enjoy with the 'twins'!!

Crufts photo's to follow - but at the mo - I cant find the camera....car still to unpack! 

Photo's uploaded at the top!!

The Poodle Club Ch. Show

Daquiri won Puppy Dog and Best Puppy Dog, Crush won 2nd in Puppy Bitch. Simon was back out in the show ring and he delighted us all by winning 1st Open Dog, his 8th CC - then BOB and then to send us home on Cloud 9 - Simon won BEST IN SHOW. Many thanks to the Breed Specialists Miss Kathleen Rees and Mrs CAthy Lawton Anderson

 Ch. Tamoretta Thunderbird by Malibu - photo taken by Keith Howard at the Poodle Club 31.01.2010


LKA - Crush wins 1st in Minor Puppy and then wins Best Puppy Bitch. Daquiri was 2nd today.

BUBA Ch. Show. A lovely day! Crush and Daquiri's handsome Norwegian Papa became a UK Champion to go with all his other titles! Congratulations to Diesel and Anne Karin.His English baby daughter won Minor Puppy Bitch and Best Bitch Puppy. Daquiri had 3rd. Simon didn't make it into the ring as his class clashed with Crush BUT his sister Libby (Tamoretta Gypsy Rosa by Malibu) and Julie flew the flag and won her 3rd CC making her a new UK CHAMPION!!!! Great news. The first white Toy Bitch Ch. for almost 20 years apparantly! Congratulations to all concerned! Alan Walker the photographer came to take Crush and Daquiri's pictures - so they will come on site soon! They look fabulous!  

November 09 - the twins won both Minor Puppy classes at Eastern Counties Poodle Club Ch Show. They are now almost 8 months and looking gorgeous! With such huge 'fullof fun' personalities - they are not 'show robots' and the 'bouncing' is calming down a bit!!

Midland Counties Ch. Show 23 Oct 09 

The Standard Babes (now 6 1/2 months old) attended their very first Championship Show with CC's. Daquiri and Crush both qualified for Crufts at their first attempt.  

A bit to catch up on! Kim and Colin have been on holiday in South Africa! Whilst they were away - Bette (ably assisted by Chris) took Crush and Daquiri to the International Poodle Club - where (at 6 months 1 week) they won both Minor Puppy classes.They behaved beautifully I gather - and I have been ticked off for talking too much 'baby talk' to them! 'Just like you do with the 'Toys' !!!!  'A'hem - 'must try harder' on my Report Card! As for Mum - she had them looking fabulous! Many thanks for all the hard work.

We took them to Kenilworth Castle yesterday - a short walk from Malibu Cottage - they loved meeting people and are making friends wherever they go!


 Crush on the left and Daquiri on the right

Meanwhile - whilst we were enjoying our lazy Sunday! Julie and 'Libby' (Tamoretta Gypsy Rosa By Malibu) were flying the flag with GREAT style - by winning their 2nd CC at Poodle Club of Wales. She also won Limit at SWKA the week before. Our heartfelt Congratulations go to 'Team Blonde Bombshell'!!!  We are all absolutely delighted! All paws are crossed for the future!


   Julie and Libby in Wales! Way to go girls!

DRIFFIELD 09 The Twins go to their first show!!!

We decided to go to Driffield at Wetherby Racecourse because Crush and Daquiri were 6 months old on the first day of the show and it would be their only chance to enjoy an outdoor grass ring until next April! There were no CC's for Standards and also no Minor Puppy classes which meant the babes had to go in against dogs almost twice their age!!

They had such a lovely day, their tails never stopped wagging. They had a new crate (they didn't care for sharing in trollies)! They made lot's of new friends and loved absolutely every minute of it! It has to be said we have to work on the standing still part and the 'Tigger' bouncing impressions - but they displayed all the style in the world and their Mum and their Breeder were both absolutely bursting with pride!! Daquiri won Puppy (Best Puppy Dog) and Crush was reserve with her litter sister 'Lola' following behind. Her new owner was showing for the very first time and did a great job. 'The girls' were the obvious babies against the mature girls!


..."This new crate's really good - you get to see everyone"!                   ...." you pack the car Mum and we'll just wait here and watch...."

The effervescent superstar ( he whispered I should put that) - Champion Tamoretta Thunderbird by Malibu as ever showed his little glamourous white socks off to win his 7th CC under Jacqui Hurley.

..." .it's very annoying that everyone ismaking a fuss of the Standard Pups - it was after all ME that brought home another CC"  This is only Simon's third show of the year!



 Crush at 5 months

Daquiri at 5 months





The Standard 'twin's had their first proper trim in preparation for their debut in October. Now just over 5 months old - they are lot's of fun and show great promise. They are even learning how to stand still......


Richmond 09

A lovely fine day with a lot of planning involved as the Beales were at the fabulous Last Night of The Proms at the Albert Hall the night before the show! It was fabulous too!

Bette bought the dogs down on Sunday morning. 'Simon' (who was absolutely thrilled to be back in the limelight) won Open Dog and the Res CC. We had a lovely show catching up with old friends. (Champion Malibu Celebrity)Kahlua's daughters from her Belgian 'husband' are both well and happily settled in their family homes. Gucci and her 'Mum' visited the show (and behaved impeccably in the Unentered Dogs tent) - it was lovely to see her after judging also the (not so 'Baby') 'Bree' sent her new Mum and Dad with some fabulous photographs and tales of her latest adventures. It is so wonderful to stay in touch with the Malibu 'children' once they have left home. We have been smiling at their beautiful photographs all week. (Soon to appear in the Photo Album section) What lovely new 'parents' they have.  

Meanwhile the new babes are counting down to 6 months and attended a Puppy Walk at Stoneleigh and absolutely loved it! We're still working on the 'standing still' part - but they love dogs,people and life! Daquiri is looking very much like his handsome Norwegian Papa and Crush (Kim thinks) has been sent by the much missed 'Indy' with a firm 'Remember Me'!! She really is very much like her G. Grandmother..although very much naughtier!

The lovely 'blue belle' Malibu Takes The Biscuit went to City of Birmingham and won Open Bitch and another Reserve CC (we think that's 10 now)! She is clearing her colour well - as you would expect with a silver 'Sea Biskit' as a Papa! Oh Jazz - we keep trying - but you're always a Champion in our eyes!

 Late Summer Update!

As August draws to a close, Crushie and Daquiri have been to their first ringcraft class and taken to it 'like ducks to water'. They are growing up - just as they should be, so full of fun and sooo lovely!  When they learn to stand still for a minute - I'll put some pics on here! I will do my best! I haven't trained Standard babes in years - and their 'breeder' isn't getting the chance to stand ringside and take the 'mick' out of me,  (so be good Crush and Daq) -  when we venture into the show ring! Colin thinks the Standard Twins are the best incentive to get me back to the gym!!

Our little 'snow prince' is looking absolutely fabulous and his coat is back to normal after his 'sting'. Simon can't wait to get back in the ring!

The autumn schedules are out and our 'holiday summer' is almost over! The wheels on the show trollies had better be WD40'd!!!!

See you all soon!

June 09  - a break for a while!

The Lovely Malibu Takes The Biscuit (owned by Chris Brookes) has been flying the flag at a couple of Summer shows whilst we wait for the Standard Pups to grow up and for Simons 'sting' to heal (he was stung and knibbled a patch of coat - but he does grow coat quickly so he'll be back soon)!

Anyway Jazzy is the daughter of the lovely silver Am /UK Ch. Pinafore Seabiskit (silver) (Mum is Sp.Ch Malibu Candle Indy Wind) and is now clearing to a lovely 'blue' as we expected . Chris and John Brookes treasured show girl is quite a personality ! She is already a CC winner and she has many Res CC's. At Border Union and Blackpool she won Open Bitch and won 2 more Res CC's. We think that's 1 CC and 9 Res CC's to date.Maybe that 'door' will open eventually!  She is handled at the shows by Bette or Kim. Chris is a wonderful 'support' at the shows and by 'babysitting' ! We will battle on.....

The Standard babes are now 10 weeks old and apart from 'Crushie' and 'Daquiri'  who are staying at Malibu- they are settling into their new homes!

All best wishes to all the Babies with their new families. Keep us posted with news and photographs for the 'Fun' section.

Here are just a few candid snaps of  'Got a Crush on You' and 'It Had to be You'

The 'Babe's' having a little snooze!Crushie learning to stand

 Daq looking deceptively 'innocent'!       



Stop Press News!!!!!

Kahlua's puppies have arrived!

The Puppies at 2 1/2 weeks old - photo's taken Sunday 19th April 09



First photo's of the Puppies!

Kim judged Standards at  Manchester Championship show (her last judging appointment was Miniatures at Crufts 2008)! The BOB was a fabulous young black dog all the way from Norway - DK Ch. Ankaru Crack the Code - who we now know was Top Standard Poodle in Norway 2008! Kim absolutely adored him and Bette who was sitting at the ringside clearly thought so too! 

The brown Champion Malibu Celebrity came into season a few days after the show and in Bette's typical indomitable style - she decided the only dog for Kahlua was living in Oslo!   Nothing stops 'Mum' when she thinks she has a good idea and despite the snow that hit the UK - she and Kahlua packed their cases and passports and flew to Oslo to meet the fabulous 'Crack the Code'. Despite flight cancellations and Heathrow practically closed - they made it home! Now the waiting starts to see if the 'marriage' has worked!

So.....with eager anticipation Bette awaits the first litter in the UK by Norways' Top Standard Poodle 08, to Kahlua who was a mulitiple CC winner and Top Puppy winner. 


For photos of Kahlua 'on holiday' in Norway - go to the Ankaru website - under Standards - 'Diesel's page. 


The close of 2008!


   the irrepressible 'Simon' having a snooze....he looks soooo angelic!!!!! (He's not at all angelic by the way)!!

..... the new baby - Malibu Besame Mucho - at her very first show ....where she qualified first time out.

  ...a windswept Jazz (Malibu Takes The Biscuit) ...

.....Treacle ...relaxing on the grooming table  

Having had that holiday and a busy spell...it occured to me that I hadn't updated the website in ages! My apologies!

We only had a handful of shows after Darlington. At British Toy Poodle Club the gorgeous (we think) new black puppy Malibu Besame Mucho qualified at her first show. A such a raw age and against much older puppies we were very pleased. Besame qualified again at BUBA and at LKA - well she decided that she would entertain the ringside with her playful antics and barely kept four feet on the ground. It was very boring for Besame to have to wait for 'second in the ring'!! She is a very playful baby! Her best buddy 'Simon' kicked his little white paws out to win another CC at BUBA (thank you to breed judge Beryl Newitt). That's five CC's now in very limited showing. He will be out and about in 2009 bringing along his adoring black girl!!

Several people have queried little Besame's name....Besame Mucho is a much recorded love song (recorded by Andrea Bocelli, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin amongst others....you'll know the tune)! - well it is a fabulous song and it translates as 'kiss me alot' - which we can't help doing and Besame thinks is great and what she was born to! So that is why she is so named!!

Besame is sired by Ch. Malibu Tiger Woods and out of 'Fiona' (Carogra Honeybunch who is the litter sister to Carol Brown's Ch. Carogra Cheeky Girl. Many thanks to Carol for Fiona! I will upload some photo's soon! She is adorable!

2008 was a great show year but a terrible one to have lost our two grande dames Wallis and Indy. Champions Planet Hollywood and Indyanna have left their mark through their kids and will never be forgotten. As Alfie and Imogen said (after losing their beloved 'Harry' and trying to comfort their Auntie and Granny) there are a few more twinkling stars in the sky now....'nuff of that we'll start off crying again! 

Meanwhile - here's to 2009. It's all doom and gloom out there - but let's hope the dog shows will still be fun! Simon, Besame and Jazzy (oh and the Papillon 'Treacle' and of course the CC winning white girl 'Libby' with Julie') certainly intend to enjoy themselves!

  Tamoretta Gyspy Rosa By Malibu - owned by Bette, Julie & Nigel - pictured with her handler Julie in Nov 08. Good luck to Libby in 2009



Darlington Ch. Show 10.09.08

Our little 'snow leopard' made the 3.30am alarm clock worth while! The show ground was every bit as bad as last week at Richmond. The journey from the car park to the benching tent a complete nightmare!!! However - Ch. Tamoretta Thunderbird by Malibu firmly compounded his Champion title from last week by winning the CC and BOB under Mrs. Helen Bakewell (Norwelston).  Having taken approx 40 minutes to wheel the trollies to the Group tent complex at approx 2pm to await the Groups..Bette was feeling absolutely 'cream crackered and went a very funny colour'! Having carried Jazzy (the Standard) several hundred feet across the mud to the ring and back (mad - when you think the ring was mostly under water)!!! We looked at the order of juding to discover the Utility Group was scheduled last after Terriers, Hounds, (and respective Puppy and Veteran Groups). The Utility Group-  it was estimated - would be around 5.30pm. Looking at the mud - and the rain starting (at 2.30) we took the very hard decision to 'withdraw ' from the Group and try to get off home. Bette has Puppies at home  who were being looked after by Chris Brookes (Jazzy's owner) - without Chris's help the long distance would have been impossible! Thank you too Chris!  How we would get all the equipment back to the car was another story - but without the help of Poodle fan  'Tina' (sorry - don't know your surname) - we made it. Just to take the Standard trolley back to the car took 40 minutes through the mud - Tina - we don't know what we would have done without you! We eventually got off the car park without the aid of a tractor (just)! - and made our way back to the A1.  The journey was horrendous and with only one lane of the M1 south open due to an earlier incident - our 150 mile journey took almost 6 hours!  When we finally made it home - a celebration glass of wine for Simon was very, very welcome!!!  

So the motto of Darlington 08 is/was a huge thank you to everyone concerned!   Simon - for, (well), being 'Simon', Helen Bakewell for his wonderful wins and fellow exhibitors for their lovely comments, Tina for her help in the mud, Chris for her support back at Bette's, John and Anna's delight when we phoned through news of Simon's success and finally Colin who painstakingly hosed down the muddy trollies and car on Saturday morning and never complains about the crazy, crazy things that we do!!!!

We now have a natural break from shows for a while! A holiday is planned - but that wasn't without drama - our flights are booked via a company owned by XL - but that's another story!!!!!!!


 07.09.08 - Richmond Ch. Show

Hving been warned the show was 'like a war zone' because of the horrendous weather - we were prepared for a 'muddy' day - and thrilled to take home a NEW CHAMPION!!!!!!

Simon and Jazz were on show today. Simon delighted us by winning his crowning CC under Dawn Little of the Dorvale Apricot Standards. Simon is now

'Champion Tamoretta Thunderbird by Malibu'.

Special thanks to fellow exhibitors for their many congratulations. News went quickly back to Simon's proud breeders John and Anna Marshall. Jazzy won 1st in Limit Bitch again - and starting to get over her post season hormones!!


After a gap of 6 weeks away from shows - City of Birmingham Ch. Show was the last weekend in Sept 08.

On Toy day, the extrovert Papillon 'Treacle' alias Bedellus By Jove It's Malibu - thrilled us by winning his class and got some further attention in the Challenge!! It felt like winning a ticket! Bette's clicker training worked!! Then on Utility day - Simon stayed home and Jazzy had all the attention! She won Limit Bitch and the Res CC!! Below is a snap of 'Treacle' after his win!


This is the latest photo of 'Jazzy' (Malibu Takes The Biscuit - owned by Chris Brookes - handled by Kim) - taken by Lyn Ward at Leeds in the blistering heat!!! She's looking good!


Today's email brought the news of Ch. Malibu Tiger Woods Optigen DNA Test - he is an A (Normal/Clear) ...as is Simon and Kiri - tested so far! This means that the new litter of Toys sired by Ch.Tiger out of 'Fiona' who is the sister to Ch. Carogra Cheeky Girl - are all Optigen A for non PRA - by parentage.

Great news - just heard that 'Libby' alias Tamoretta Gyspy Rosa by Malibu won the Bitch CC at SWKA in Wales. 'Libby' is co owned and shown by Julie and Nigel Cook in partnership with Bette! Congratulations to all concerned!!!

'Simon' also won Open Dog and the Res CC at Three Counties.

Stop Press! Great news!

The 'snow leopard 'Simon' (officially known as Tamoretta Thunderbird by Malibu has won his 2nd CC at Mercia Toy Poodle Association on 08.06.08 under judge Mrs. Joan Porter and was also awarded BEST IN SHOW under Mrs. Margaret Gee. Thank you all for a great day. 


A flurry of news to catch up on. 'Simon' has won another ResCC  and the Papillon 'Treacle' has qualified for Crufts at his 2nd attempt in Junior. Further great news that Ch. Tiger has sired a lovely litter of 3 blacks to 'Fiona' (she is the sister to Carol Browns Ch. Cheeky Girl). The babies are fat, glossy back bundles whose progress we are watching with great interest. 

Please see the Photo Album for some latest pictures including the latest litter of Malibu Toys (the first Toy litter for 3 years) and the Papillon 'Treacle'!!  . 

Thought it better to put the latest news at the top of the page...saves scrolling down!!

This is the CC winning 'Jazz' waiting by the ring at SCCA 30.05.08

 STOP PRESS - news that 'Libby' alias Tamoretta Gypsy Rosa at Malibu has, following on from her Best in Show win at British Toy Poodle Club - also won Best in Show at the all breeds Crystal Palace Open Show. Then last Sunday she won the Utility Group at Beckenham. The little 'blonde bombshell' can now claim her Show Certificate of Merit! Well done all!

International Poodle Club 29.03.08

The brown Standard boy, Malibu Molton Brown won Junior Dog, Simon was 2nd in Open Dog and 'Libby' won 1st in Limit Bitch, this follows on from her recent BEST IN SHOW at the British Toy Poodle Club. Below is Julie and Nigel's latest photo of the 'Princess'!! Keep it up Libby!


 Crufts 2008

These fabulous pictures were taken by Keith Howard of Bette and 'Simon' in action. Also pictured below is 'Bree' - Malibu Centrefold.


Poodle Club Ch. Show 27.01.08


Simon (Tamoretta Thunderbird by Malibu) looking (we think) absolutely wonderful won 2nd..however he won many praises from the ringside which was nice...we have added some pictures - he looked a real glamour boy!

Jazzy once again put up a wonderful performance in the Standard ring and won another large Limit Bitch Class. She was also shortlisted for the final three for the CC. Keep knocking that door Jazz and Simon!! The brown kids Malibu Molton Brown and Centrefold weren't shown.


Simon freestanding

Jazz being judged

Jazz 2nd from Right

Manchester Ch. Show 18.01.08

Jazzy (Malibu Takes The Biscuit) gave an exceptional performance to win a large Limit Bitch Class.

Malibu Centrefold (Bree) was at home and her brother Malibu Molton Brown was 2nd in Junior.



The start of a new year!

Mercia Toy Poodle Assoc. 13.01.08 'Simon' won his class and Res Best Dog. He was accompanied to the show by 'his new best friend' Bette's fabulous Papillon 'Treacle'. 'Treacle' is bred by Pat Beadle of the successful Bedellus kennel. He qualified for Crufts at his very first (and to date only Ch. Show). He enjoyed playing with the Toy Poodles and had a great old time. His 2nd Ch. show is Manchester and then on to Crufts! As soon as we get a good photo of 'Treacle' we will post one here...he's terribly glamourous and very 'showy' with a great personality.

Also at Mercia were Ch. Malibu Tiger Woods who won the Pet Trim and his 'Mum' 'Pfeiffer' alias Malibu For The Good Times who won Veteran.


LKA 08.12.07

The usual festive and Christmassy show. Lots of cards and presents being given out.

Simon as always, showed his little white socks off! He won a 2nd. The beautiful brown Standards were at their last 'Puppy' show and ended the year in great style. Malibu Molton Brown won BPD and 'Bree' alias Malibu Centrefold was BPB. The littermates challenged for Best Puppy and the nod went to 'Bree' who is really getting the idea now!

BUBA. British Utility Breeds Assoc. 01.12.07

Simon and Jazz won a 2nd and a 3rd respectively, but the day belonged to 'Molton' - alias Bette and Carol Charles' big brown boy Malibu Molton Brown who won anothe Best Puppy in Breed and was shortlisted against other breeds for BPIS - Jazzy had won Best Puppy in Show in 2006!! Bree stayed home today. Well done Molton!

British Toy Poodle Club. 10.11.07

Bette's 'Simon' - Tamoretta Thunderbird by Malibu won his 7th Limit Dog on the trot! He now has to move to Open with his CC and several Reserve's and he's still so young! He really is looking 'the business'.

South Western Poodle Club 04.11.07

Just Standards again today  - with Malibu Molton Brown winning 3 x 1st's Best Puppy Dog - then Bree won her class and Jazzy 3rd in Limit - Malibu Molton Brown went Best Standard Puppy and then Best Puppy in Show!

Midland Counties 28.10.07 Just Standards today - Baby Bree was 2nd in Puppy Bitch and Jazzy was 2nd in Limit

Darlington 14.09.07...when the alarm went off at 03.45am it was jolly hard getting up - but worth the journey as 'Simon' won another hot Limit Dog class and won the Reserve CC and entertained the Standard Poodle ring - by doing his version of the land speed record by slipping his lead out of Bette's hands and going to find Kim who was moving around the ring with Standard Poodle Jazzy!! A streak of snow white lightening - he knew exactly where he was going and leapt into Kim's arms. He was absolutely furious that his 'personal handmaiden' was actually daring to spend time with another dog!!!!!! 'Baby Bree' and 'Molton Brown' were just 3 days out of Minor Puppy and were 3rd and 2nd. 

....'you want me to do WHAT...!!?' (Bree telling us what she thinks!)

 Carol and 'Molton' ...'givvvus a kiss Mum'

...oh 'Simon' 'no more kissing'!!!!!!

....Bette is in there somewhere! 'Bree' and 'Jazz' making sure they get their (I suspect) favourite TripeSticks   (absolutely NOT allowed in Kim's car!)


Richmond 09.09.07...again just the Toys today! A fine day (in fact it got way too hot as the day wore on) - and a grooming area by the ring - wonderful! What a brilliant day...the young ultra 'glam' and gorgeous Tamoretta Thunderbird by Malibu - the irrepressible 'Simon' delighted us with his first CC and BOB. He has been 'knocking hard at the door' during the summer! Ch. Malibu Swoony Over Cloony's son 'Duncan' (Carogra Cinnamon Storm)won Junior Dog. Julie went into Limit with Tamoretta Gypsy Rosa by Malibu ('Libby') and won. Kim trotted back into Open Bitch with Carols' Ch. Carogra Cheeky Girl ('Vanessa') and won her 4th CC and little blonde 'Libby' delighted Bette, Julie & Nigel with the Res CC.   We couldn't stay for the group as Ch. Malibu Planet Hollywood ('Wallis' aged 13 ) was unwell and worrying Colin at home. Apologies were given to both the Breed Judge (Ted Prince) and Group Judge (Carol Harwood)  and we quickly made our way home. We are happy to report that our old girl is OK. She spent the evening cuddled up on her Mum's lap!  


City of Birmingham 02.09.07...just the Toys today - and a venue only 5 miles from home (wish they could all be like that!)...the 'snow leopard' Simon(Tamoretta Thunderbird by Malibu) - won the big Limit Dog class. He's really looking ultra glam and pushing hard now and charming us all....Libby was placed in her class too.

Welsh Kennel Club 19.08.07 ...the show of road diversions! The A44 closures on the way there and the Evesham bridge diversion on the way back!  Carol Charles and Molton Brown were 2nd in MPD and Bette with 'Bree' won Minor Puppy BItch. Bree is beginning to 'get the idea'! As for the young white superstar Toyboy  'Simon' - he won another Limit Dog class (the biggest of the day) and won the Reserve CC. 'Thunderbirds are go'!!!! Cloony's daughter Carogra Cashmere won Junior too! 'Jazzy' was at home with Chris.

 Lynn Wards' photo of 'Simon (Tamoretta Thunderbird by Malibu)  

Bournemouth 2007...Scattered showers were forecast and the day started quite dull but ended up very sunny and hot! Grooming space was very very limited and there wasn't much room by the benches either! As for the 'loos' ...don't go there!!! Carol Charles and Malibu Molton Brown won Minor Puppy Dog, his sister 'Baby Bree' alias Malibu Centrefold won Minor Puppy Bitch and their 'Aunt Jazz' Malibu Takes The Biscuit won Limit Bitch and the Res CC (to go with her CC and other Res.). Simon didn't make it to the ring...there were no CC's and there just wasn't time to get him ready!

MCPC Open Show: Bette and 'Baby Bree' won Minor Puppy Bitch. A nice couple of weeks off for Kim...who doubts she will ever go to a dog show in the rain ever again!!!! News from Julie and Nigel that Princess Libby alias Tamoretta Gypsy Rosa By Malibu had won two Best of Breeds and a Group 4 at some large Southern Open shows.

LEEDS 2007......oh what a nightmare! The day before was bad enough - trying to get two Standard Poodles and a pure sparkling white Toy ready ! VERY stressful!!! The rain just came and kept on coming! The Open at Carnoustie actually looked sunny...we thought 'perhaps it is going to be better 'up north'.....the forecast isn't too bad....let's go!!' It was a big mistake actually,  as we were not only towed by a Harewood House tractor ON to the field...we had to be towed OFF the field at the end of the day!! In the end - you just had to laugh....just how much mud can you have both inside and on the outside of the car??!!! Anyway.....Simon won Limit Dog and showed his little head off in the mud! It was Jazzy's first Limit class as now she's 18 months...a big class - she was 2nd. Baby Bree was in a huge class of 12 Minor Puppies and was 3rd.Molton Brown and Carol were placed too.

 EAST OF ENGLAND 2007 : Ch. Malibu Celebrity's new brown Standard Poodle babies had their first 'proper' venture out at Peterborough. The boy Malibu Molton Brown ('Molton') who is owned by Bette in partnership with Carol Charles of the Charduri Poodles - won his class and was Best Puppy and 'Baby Bree' (Malibu Centrefold) who is stll so inexperienced  won her class!  

The latest news is really what has been happening at the shows! From January 2007 to July 2007 below!

2006 ended with Malibu Takes The Biscuit winning BPIS at BUBA. It had been a very good year with Ch. Malibu Celebrity - the brown Standard Poodle and Ch. Malibu Tiger Woods - the black Toy Poodle gaining their Championship Titles. Tamoretta Thunderbird by Malibu and Malibu Swoonlight Serenade were amongst the top winning Toy Poodle Pups of the year! Tamoretta Gypsy Rosa at Malibu had also ventured into the show rings and started to win lots of 1st's with Julie.


It has been a busy year so far, we haven't attended every show....but 2007 started well with the Poodle Club show where Jazzy won her very first Junior class. Simon won his class and was Reserve Best Dog.

The next show was Midland Counties Poodle Club where Jazzy won Junior again and then delighted us with the Res CC. Simon showed his socks off and won Best of Breed!

Then there was Crufts where Jazz won a 2nd, Simon and Tiger were highly placed as were the 'golden oldies' Cloony and Pfeiffer who were proud to hold court with the crowds at the benches...with lots of cuddles and admiration - not least for their dazzling crystal collars! It's so nice to meet old and new friends at Crufts. We see non show people year after year who come and meet up and follow the Malibu's exploits!

Then on to International Poodle Club at the end of March. Jazzy won Junior Bitch. Pfeiffer won the Veteran class and Alfie Sillito-Tooth handled Cloony to 3rd in Veteran.

Then - a very sunny WELKS at Malvern. Jazzy won Junior Bitch and Simon was 2nd in Junior Dog.

Birmingham saw Jazz winning Junior and her first CC! Young Simon won Junior...and Cloony's son Carogra Cinnamon Storm won Minor Puppy.

Bath Ch. Show - we only took Jazz who again won her Junior class...a very muddy show as it rained most of the day...setting the scene for the weeks to come...

Then Three Counties. Simon won his first Limit Dog class and Jazz won Junior.

Then Windsor - just a few days after Kim broke a 5th metatarsal whilst out walking with the new Standard baby 'Bree' and Tiger...very painful! The same bone as Mr. Beckham and Mr. Roony did...only Kims' was much cheaper! We did get to Windsor, no Standards shown, Simon was 2nd in Limit and Kim limped round the ring but managed to win BOB for Carol and Ch. 'Vanessa'!  ....oh and took her crutches to Wales in the rain to see Donny Osmond in concert.....a loyal fan since she was 12...Kim and a pal went to New York last November on a shopping trip and saw Donny on Broadway -  actually got to meet him ....'Puppy Love' all over again!!  Just to prove it - we'd better include a picture.... I know nothing to do with the Malibu Poodles....but we DO have a life outside of dog shows!!..

We missed South Wales, Paignton and Trent to Tweed. The next show was to be Leeds...what would the weather be like...the forecast is dreadful!! Oh - and Mum and Carol (Charles) are going to East of England!...from now on see the top of the page!