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History of the Malibu Toy Poodles

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Kim with Champion Romar Jodie at Malibu winning BIS at The Dog Centre Open Show in the early 70's. The Judge was Mrs. Catherine Sutton, also in the photo is  Andrew Caine with RBIS, one of his Ballantrae American Cocker Spaniels, and Mr. Joe Cartledge

Happy Memories....

The Malibu Standard Poodles undoubtedly ruled the roost in the 60's and early 70's! One day at a Midland Counties Poodle Club Garden Party , a 14 year old Kim was chatting with (the now late) Mrs. Margaret Boulton who had a string of unruly Toy Poodles of varying colours in various classes! One small cheeky brown sat on Kim's lap and Margaret promptly told her that she was destined for a pet home the following week as although she was pretty, she point blank refused to walk on a lead in a straight line. This small cheeky (5 months old) brown was called Jodie and with much nagging of Mum....went home in the Malibu car that afternoon.

Many months of ring training and love and persuasion eventually got that confident, stubborn bundle of personality to indeed walk not only in a straight line - but to bomb round a show ring with great style!

She very quickly became Champion Romar Jodie at Malibu, winning her first CC at the Mercia Toy Poodle Assoc. Championship Show held at the Matrix in Coventry. The judge was the late Mrs. Edith Harwood (of the original Starwood affix). Jodie was in the Post Graduate Class and had the 'elder's of the breed rushing to their catalogues to see who this precocious youngster was (Jodie that is)!

Anyway Jodie's story was to be responsible for founding the Malibu line of Toy Poodles. She won many CC's and was a constant rival with Ch. Bartat Burnt Almond of Grayco (Ch. Grayco Hazelnut's dam)!

At the time , after discussing with other Toy breeders Bette suggested to Kim that Jodie was mated to Norman and Miriam Butcher's Tuttlebees Rather Royal

The resultant litter produced three puppies, 'Maggie May' went back to Romar and the two boys became (the immortal) Ch. Malibu The Love Bug (Black) and Ch. Malibu Bear Necessity (Brown).......to be continued